WaN™: How it works?

In just one minute you can start using WaN™

WaN - Step 01

Sign up. It’s free!

Yes! Free.

WaN - Step 02

Add my contact:
(222) 232 23 23

I’m Nagger, but you may call me as you want!

Set your 4 frequencies

By default:

1 reminds you every 15 minutes.

2 reminds you every hour.

3 reminds you every day.

4 reminds you every week.

WaN - Step 04

Start SMS me!

Just put the priority number before your reminder.

Do you want more commands?

More nagging commands for you to use

To delete a reminder: Delete <ID>

Stop 01

To get a full list: list


To get a list by priority: <Priority Number> list

1 list